MCL provides complete IT management for small businesses for as low as $500 a month

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Small businesses find it hard to maintain their IT infrastructure such as website, emailing, social media, mobile apps, contacts management, reporting, data entry, network and database management, maintaining their applications, or any new application or solution that may wish to implement. Unable to afford high cost IT infrastructure management, small businesses tend to avoid implementing… Read more »

MCL implements integrated marketing cloud platform with email, text messaging, voice calls and push notifications

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MCL has implemented an integrated marketing solution on the AWS cloud.  The solution provides integrated emailing, sending and receiving text messages, voice calling,  Social Postings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube  and push notifications for reaching out to targeting potential clients.  The solution is totally automated and is automatically triggered based on defined parameters to target a potential… Read more »

MCL develops IoT mobile app and releases it on Google play store

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Tags: #FruitOfTheFuture, #LeaveITtoUs, #PineappleIoT, #ThingsThinkMCL developed a mobile app for PineappleIoT on google play store.  The app provides a user with authentication and authorization features besides providing the user with insight and control over their home automation system.  The app provides an attractive and easy to use user interface. The PineappleIoT app uses the MCL… Read more »

Innovative solutions for complex MVC applications

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Experience on Asp.Net MVC projects MCL has successfully completed over 5 MVC projects for our esteemed US clients. While some of these applications implemented REST web services, other applications were for MVC websites. REST Web Services The REST web service API development involved MVC with Sql Server Entity Framework as the ORM…. Read more »

API Integrations

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We were recently asked by a client to integrate two APIs – EventBrite and Twilio. EventBrite provides event management services. Attendees can register on the site and its API allows synching attendee details. Twilio provides telephony services such as voice calls and text messages. Integration of the APIs was done through a web application that… Read more »

Twilio integrations

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Our client provides marketing services to Loan Mortgage companies. One of their clients required loan status text messages to be sent to their borrowers based on triggered events. Another requirement was that the concerned Loan Officer should be able to receive any replies to the text messages by the borrower. We developed the application using… Read more »

Case Study : Web Print Store – Customize your flyers, brochures and business cards

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Recently we were asked by a client to develop a web print store. This would enable users to customize pre-designed templates of flyers, brochures and business cards. While the flyers customized can be downloaded by users as PDF, the brochures and the business cards were printed by the print shop. Once the task was selected… Read more »