MCL provides complete IT management for small businesses for as low as $500 a month

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Small businesses find it hard to maintain their IT infrastructure such as website, emailing, social media, mobile apps, contacts management, reporting, data entry, network and database management, maintaining their applications, or any new application or solution that may wish to implement. Unable to afford high cost IT infrastructure management, small businesses tend to avoid implementing… Read more »

MCL implements integrated marketing cloud platform with email, text messaging, voice calls and push notifications

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MCL has implemented an integrated marketing solution on the AWS cloud.  The solution provides integrated emailing, sending and receiving text messages, voice calling,  Social Postings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube  and push notifications for reaching out to targeting potential clients.  The solution is totally automated and is automatically triggered based on defined parameters to target a potential… Read more »

MCL develops an attractive LO PipeLine Report synched from Encompass LOS and emailed daily to loan officers and processors

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MCL provides innovative automation solutions for Mortgage brokers.  We have developed an integrated marketing platform for Mortgage brokers offering targeted marketing based on geographical locations and demographics.  The media delivery channels utilized are Emails, Text Messages, Push Notifications, Voice Calls, Social Postings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  The solution is totally automated and is… Read more »

Health Information Systems Reporting and BI

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Most widely used Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are great care delivery systems that provide most important functions – data integrity and ease of use, but lack in one important aspect – provide the required special intelligence reports on patients as well as the hospital management data. Most systems have… Read more »