Computer Telephony Integration applications to interface with a number of switches and PBX

CTI applications use the API provided by the switch/PBX manufacturer and receive realtime information on calls landing on trunks, tracking these calls through the IVR and routing to the agent. The call is tracked throughout its lifetime through multiple transfers, parks, holds, resumes, consults and conferences. This information is used for various purposes such as providing realtime call statistics as well as historical statistics. Several important metrics such as caller hold time, average hold times throughout the day, agent statistics on time spent on calls, time spent on wrap-up, idle time, number of call hops and several other important parameters can be deduced from this information.

MCL has developed CTI applications with the following switches and API’s.

  • Avaya TSAPI
  • Avaya Single Step Conferencing for call recording
  • Aspect CMI
  • Mitel
  • Tadiran
  • Genesys