Application Testing ensures that the application developed meets your requirements in totality and that the end user is not subjected to an error situation that we are not aware of.Independent Testing is the process of ensuring the quality, interoperability and usability of products, applications, systems and web sites. It brings a fresh perspective and an unbiased opinion on issues of software problems and risks.

Application Testing, Quality Assurance and Validation Services involve the following features and steps –

Manual testing
Automated Regression Testing
Automated Performance Load Testing

MCL solution teams include testing professionals with close domain expertise and the ability to tailor independent testing solutions for you across all industries. We provide solutions that combine the rigor of corporate and project quality requirements with the real-world need to minimize development costs and time-to-market. This ensures you a flexible, adaptable, speedy and yet thorough approach to testing, verification and validation. Our experience with automated testing includes JMeter, Mercury and AutomationAnywhere automated regression testing.

Application Maintenance