Patent Portfolio Analysis

MCL-IP has developed core competency and an innovative methodology in the analysis of computing patents. MCL-IP has analyzed thousands of patents over the past three years.

The analysis of an asset starts with our deep understanding of the underlying technology and the novelty of the invention. An intensive search for patent prior art, literature and product is undertaken to find if any literature, patent or product existed that applied the same technology in either its design, delivery, application or technique. The report of our patent analysis service is in either the form of a Word Document, a PPT or an excel sheet, depending on the extensiveness of the analysis. A patent analysis may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. A sample short patent analysis report in the form of a Technical Analysis Sheet is shown below :


Technical analysis of a patent yields a Technical Analysis Sheet (TAS), which highlights the following and answers the following very important questions.

  • Is the Technology in wide use or is it niche ?
  • Does it broadly cover a variety of products or is it narrow and specific ?
  • Is the technology currently used, on its way to being antiquated, or is it burgeoning and of future use, near or far term ?
  • Is the system or methodology of the technology the only product or service that can accomplish the teaching of the invention, or are there alternative mechanisms available to achieve the ends for the means ?
  • How well written is the asset ? Is it clear and concise ? Is it lengthy, cumbersome and convoluted?
  • Is it an early invention in its field ? Were other similar products released before the invention that could invalidate it ? Was it at the forefront of innovation for its field, or was the market saturated with related technologies and products at time of invention ?
  • What products are potentially infringing on the asset ?

A sample TAS is available for download for registered users.