The aim of MCL services in the Legal sector have been towards Enabling Legal and Professional Services Firms to Better Manage, Grow, and Protect their Businesses.  Besides providing IT services, MCL has over 8 years experience in the technical analysis of intellectual property patents.

MCL services for the legal fraternity include workflow automation, Business Development and Marketing, Accounting and Financing, Business Intelligence and analytics.  From case and financial management to business intelligence, CRM to legal calendar and matter management, MCL provides a wide suite of legal software solutions to optimize your operations, protect your assets, and increase your bottom line. Ultimately, our focus is to help you and manage, grow, and protect your business with innovative, proven solutions that are backed by superior service and client support.


Intellectual Property Services

MCL has core competencies in the following sectors for the technical analysis, valuation, Patent Landscaping and Mapping, Prior Art Search and identifying the novelty in each art.  MCL has read and analyzed over 10,000 patents in the past 8 years.

Core Competencies

IT, Computing and Software
Mobile Applications
Telephony and Communications
Distributed and Cloud Computing
Data and Network Security

Sample Technical Analysis, Prior Art Search and several other IP related documents are available for registered users.