Patent Landscaping & Mapping

A Patent Technology Landscaping & Mapping is performed to understand the development of technology, in a defined field, based on patent filings/grants and to map the progress of technology. Our team of patent experts search through several proprietary patent databases to provide a patent landscaping report. The PLA (Patent Landscaping Analysis) report is delivered in the form of a PPT and takes anywhere from a day to a week. A PLA answers the following questions for a specific technology :

What has been the patent filing trend – year wise ?

What is the patent filing trend in the specific technology – jurisdiction wise ?

What is the patent filing trend in sub-technology areas of the specific technology ?

What is the patent filing trend country wise ?

Who are the key inventors and assignees ?

Our landscaping reports enable clients to make strategic decisions with respect to R and D investment, patent protection, product launch and so on. Based on client’s requirements, we also provide our opinion with respect to specific queries of client.