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MCL has implemented an integrated marketing solution on the AWS cloud.  The solution provides integrated emailing, sending and receiving text messages, voice calling,  Social Postings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube  and push notifications for reaching out to targeting potential clients.  The solution is totally automated and is automatically triggered based on defined parameters to target a potential client with targeted messages. Promotional campaigns and giveaways can be created to target specific user categories.

The multi-tenanted solution aims to provide a complete integrated targeted marketing platform for any company – small or large.  The entire infrastructure is hosted on the AWS providing redundancy and reliability. The marketing channels implemented are emails, text messages, push notifications, voice calls and social media posting.

The infrastructure provides complete subscriber management with receiving opt-ins and opt-outs.  Complete reports on all system activities are emailed to you daily, once a week or once a month as required by you.


Email marketing – The system can be utilized to send marketing emails to your opt-in subscribers.  Unsubscribes, Resubscribes are all handled by our subscriber management platform.  Replies to emails are sent to you.  Emails are sent via Amazon SES using your email address and your domain name (Domain verification required).

Text Marketing –  Text messages provide a fast and convenient way to send out short messages.  Some users find it convenient to read short informative messages rather than longish emails.  Replies to text messages are automatically forwarded to you.  Unsubscribes or resubscribes are all automatically handled by the system.

Push Notifications – Push notifications provide a convenient new way to inform your contacts providing permissions for push notifications of any new blog postings; newsletter releases or any website updates.  In addition, additional push notifications messages can be sent to announce any new product offerings or new offers.

Social Media Postings – Social Media forms an important part of any marketing platform.  We can keep your social pages updated with informative articles and news events that would generate interest in your potential clients.


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