Why MCL-IP ? Quality, Experience, Costs

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A new visitor to our website would naturally want to know why he/she should work with us. While we can probably list several reasons, the top three reasons would probably be the following – 1. Quality Guarantee Patent analysis without accuracy is meaningless. It would be a waste of time, money and energy – not… Read more »

Case Study : Patent Invalidation Search Report

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Recently we were hired by a large patent syndicate company to provide an invalidation search report for an asset. The requirement was urgent and we successfully completed the search report within one week. This study is similar to a patentability search and encompasses valid and expired patents and applications and any published literature that make… Read more »

How to make money in the present Software intellectual property market

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Software IP Valuations are depressing. For the past few years, intellectual property valuations have been declining. This has been largely caused by several unfavorable Supreme Court judgements, such as in a line of cases starting with Bliski v. Kappos and tracing through Mayo, Myriad and finally Alice v. CLS Bank (http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2014/12/11/is-the-patent-market-poised-for-rebound-in-2015/id=52593/) As IP Watchdog mentions… Read more »