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Software IP Valuations are depressing. For the past few years, intellectual property valuations have been declining. This has been largely caused by several unfavorable Supreme Court judgements, such as in a line of cases starting with Bliski v. Kappos and tracing through Mayo, Myriad and finally Alice v. CLS Bank (

As IP Watchdog mentions in the article –

“the dollar value of patent sales are down 83% and the number of patents sold is down about 50%, and this is just in the last two years, but the most striking piece of data is that the average price per patent has gone down about 55%. So you a dramatic drop in value.”

The article goes on to explain that we have reached the bottom of the trough and the software IP market is poised for a rebound in 2015. The article advises investors to pick up good value in the present market and await higher valuations in the coming year.

The present depressed market requires IP accumulators to reduce their technical costs while maintaining high technical analysis standards. MCL-IP has over 5 years experience in the technical analysis of software patents. During the period we have read and analyzed over 10,000 communications and technology patents. We provide high quality and accurate analysis and valuation of software IP. This combined with our low cost India center provides an ideal opportunity to reduce the cost of IP ownership.

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