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A new visitor to our website would naturally want to know why he/she should work with us. While we can probably list several reasons, the top three reasons would probably be the following –

1. Quality Guarantee

Patent analysis without accuracy is meaningless. It would be a waste of time, money and energy – not to mention a lot of frustration. We are technologists. We develop technology ourselves. We write thousands of lines of codes every day. We keep abreast of new technologies and standards. Our analyst resources are highly qualified with several years of hands-on experience. We at MCL-IP guarantee our work. Should you be able to prove an error in our analysis we would refund all amounts for that work. We would even add an additional 50% to the amount as consideration of having errored in our judgement. We aren’t happy unless our clients are happy with our work.

2. Experience

Very few analysts would be able to claim of having read over 10,000 software and communication patents. We have been writing software for the past 25 years and started patent analysis in the past 5 years. One would easily be able to concur that so many large patent analysis could not have been possible without multiple repeated awards of work.

3. Costs

This is the lowest of all the three reasons because without quality, any cost would be a waste of money. Our low cost India center does quality analysis at 60 dollars an hour, a quarter of similar quality work by US analysts. Although long term hourly rates would work most cost effective in the long run, we could also provide a free, no-obligation fixed cost proposal for any work. We have been asked by several potential clients as to why our hourly rates are higher than several other low cost Indian service providers. The primary reason for this is the quality of assessment. We understand that patent analysis is meaningless without accuracy. We stand by the qualify of our work. Secondly, the total cost does not only depend on the hourly rate. We do a basic analysis in less than 2 hours. If others take an average of 10 hours for the analysis, we finally work out less than half their price.

MCL IP – Your one stop shop for all your intellectual property requirements, right from an ideas to patenting it, valuing it and if required to monetize it. We are primarily technologists. We understand your ideas and the technology behind it.

A free analysis is available for qualified buyers.