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MCL recently developed and successfully implemented a PCI compliance solution for a Tennessee based financial services retailer. Their call center received over a 1000 calls daily and several of these calls had sensitive payment information recorded.

MCL solution utilized the cloud Google Speech API to get the text for the recording. The audio media was streamed to the Google cloud and the speech to text stream was received from them alongwith the timing information.

Utilizing complex algorithms developed by us we identified the locations of the sensitive information in the recording and masked them with silence. Call recordings were only made available to users after the process was successfully completed.

The key to this process was to identify the location of the sensitive information. Removing extra information that may not be sensitive such as house numbers or telephone numbers needed to be avoided else the purpose of call recordings would have been defeated. However no sensitive information was allowed to remain on the call recording.

A review of the solution was done by the client by listening to over a thousand call recordings and they reported over 99.1% success rate. Even with the 9 call recordings that they found only partial information remained removing several digits of the sensitive data rendering the information useless for any illegal exploitation.

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