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MCL has developed a complete solution for PCI compliance of call center call recordings.

Call center call recordings contain several sensitive information such as credit card numbers, expiration date, cvv number and sometimes social security numbers. PCI compliance requires that such sensitive information should be wiped out both on media while in transit as well as at rest.

Besides other solutions that MCL had developed earlier such as keyboard stroke key mappings, MCL recently implemented another innovative solution for PCI compliance that utilizes the Google speech API.

The MCL solution besides innovative configuration of the Google speech API also utilizes the Ffmpeg API for innovative splitting of the call recording. The MCL solution speech recognition rules are easily configurable by a configuration file. The configuration of the application allows adjusting the masking to adjust the amount of false positives that the client would be comfortable with. An extremely conservative configuration would remove 100% sensitive information but may have a higher ratio of false positives. A liberal configuration would reduce the false positives but may leave some sensitive information partially masked.

On a recent implementation, MCL was able to remove complete sensitive information on over 99.2% of the recordings. The remaining 0.8% recordings were partially masked with most sensitive information removed.

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